As we run this race we could ourselves in one of these caves ..The first cave is the cave of disobidence. Gen 19:30 This is a cave that we christians fall into to easily.We are told to do something by God but we dont do it because it takes our time or were just to busso will escape doing what he has asked us to do. 2Sam24:3 This second cave is a cave ot rial. Alot of time we will find ourselves in this cave because he allows us to go there where he can g teach us and mold us into what we need to be.

1 Kings 18:4 The third cave is a cave of protection. He will lead you to this cave when you you dont expect it He puts in this cave when we have something that comes against us he will protect us from our enemies.

2King s19:9 This fourth cave is the cave of despair. This cave we will go into at some point because it is natural for us to go into this when we go through a death ormaybe if get a little disconnected in our walk with God we will put ourselves in this cave by default. John 11:38 After we have been through all the other caves in our christian walk we will arrive at the the last cave.Which is the cave of ressurrection. In this in this cave he will rstore you back to life.


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