The Danger of the Shutdown Syndrome

Not too long ago my pastor taught on The Danger of the Shut down Syndrome. The passage of scripture he used is found in 2 Kings 7:3-9.
He started of by talking about how a person can go into shock and how their body will eventually shutdown. But as a Christian we can go into Sutdown. As we go into shutdown the enemy will shut youdown spiritually. What usally will happen when we go into shutdown We will find find fault within the leadership and blame them for shut down. Then after we start blaming the leadership for our shut down be begin to blameothers. While in this shutdown process we begin to devouor eand destroy one another. As we go deeper into our shutdown we can leave ourselves open to spirits.At this point we are far into our shut down we will be able to see his goodness but will not be able to grab on to it. But, while we contiue in our shut down you can be destroyed by your imigianation and thougts because will start to think things thats arent true. But also if you allow yourself in shut down you canot give anything and recieve. When one member goes into shutdown it will slowly paralyze the church body.


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