Interesting Phone Calls.

Well over the weekend I was talking with a good friend of mine on the phone. and she asked me if I had found a job yet and I told her no I had not found a job yet.After I told her this she said thI should go back to back to SouthCarolina because God was closing the doors but when she saI’d this I didnt feel l it in my spirit . So,, I only talked to her for minutes then I saI we saisd our goodbyes. A few minutes later my youger brother called.we tallked for a little while. As we were talking he he gave me some wonderful news. . He told me that in June he will be trnsfering to Redding ,Ca for the next three years. I will finally get to meet my sister in law. I hope it will be wonderful I havent seen my younger brother in eight years.


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