Dance Ministry

I must admit That I don’t understand this ministry. Does it really belong along in a church setting. But most of all does it glorify God.I know people will argue and say that these people are using their God given talent . But my question is how can this type of ministry be used to glorify God. In a way this ministry could hurt the new convert that is coming in. You are probably wondering what I mean by this. Well, what I mean is thatthis could trip up the new convert sin so many ways. One way is what message does it send to them if they see i a person up on the platform juking and jiving to the beat of the worship music.. This could confuse them if they have come out of a background where they wnt to dance clubs.


7 thoughts on “Dance Ministry

  1. The ministry of dance is as misunderstood by mainstream “Church” as the “Gift of Tongues”.

    When we worship God the Father, with our whole heart, He is well pleased. For truly we were created for that purpose, that is to worship Him.
    We worship Him with tithes and offerings.
    We worship Him with our prayers of “Thanksgiving and Praise”
    We worship Him with our songs.

    Worship should become a lifestyle that is done on a 24/7 basis, not just something WE DO on particuliar days when we “go to church”

    Dancing unto the Lord in a worshipfull way, is not only beautiful to the eyes of us here, BUT beautiful to Him, to whom it is directed.

    God ALWAYS looks at the heart of the worshipper. HE knows whether it is bringing Glory to Him by he heart of the one doing the dance.

    If someone is “juking and jiving” as you put it, then they are probably acting in a way that would bring attention to them and not to God.
    He alone should be the center of our focus and the center of our worship.

    Dancing unto the Lord, in the manner I speak of, is also a very liberating experience for someone who has never done such a thing. I too was allowed for a season to dance unto Him. It not only pleased Him, BUT drew me closer to Him. Why ? Because as the scripture declares, ” If the Son of Man be lifted up, He will draw all men nigh”. When we lift Him up in our praise and worship, and do it with a pure Loving heart, He will draw us closer to Him!!

    Love in Christ Jesus

  2. I know what it is to dance in the spirit and yes it is very librating. Have You ever watched Ron CarpenterJrs church on tv. If you have not I challenge you to watch and pay close attention to the praise singers.

  3. arm5 wrote;”Have You ever watched Ron CarpenterJrs church on tv. If you have not I challenge you to watch and pay close attention to the praise singers.”

    I have heard him speak before, but I can’t say that I have paid any attention to the praise singers.
    How would you determine their heart towards Him, based on their worship style?

    In Christ Jesus

  4. I don’t agree with the statement. As far as coming out of dance clubs, praise and worship dance is a way of taking people of dance clubs and bringing them into the hous of worship. Dancing is an expression of how one may feel about the God. Dancing is also a celebration to our Lord for His coming, his salvation, his mercy, his redeming us, all rapped into one. My advise to you is to please study the worship of dance and i guarantee you will have a totally different out look about it. God Bless you!!

  5. I perfectly understand prasie and worship. I have even danced in the spirit. So telldont m e I don’t understand it.Ibeg you to watch Ron Carpenter television broadcast. And pay close attention to his praise and worship singers what they do is totally chorgraphed.

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