Megachurches are they Fads or Phenomenon

>I read a very interesting news story the other day about Meagchurches if they are fads or phenonenon. They interviewed a megachurch pastor from Greenville S.C. He said that Megachurches are biblically based. He also said that that the first megachurch was when Paul preached to the 3000 on the day of pentecost.

I disagree with this because Jesus was not some charismatic preacher that drew a crowd by his personailty unlike most of these Mega church pastors.Besides most megachurches are built around that particular pastors personality. I don’t believe that Mega churches are phenomenons I believe they are fads.

If they are phenomenons why are they on the decline. Is it because people are starting to realize that a program based church does not work. Or are some people getting tired of the watering down of the gospel that some of these Megachurches teachM


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