Has the church become to institutional.

The other I began to listen to the Eric Hogue show and his topic was on has the church become to institutional. This show was orignally aired about a year or so ago.

He started talking about a family that had this four year old boy that refused to go to his class so his parents took him into service. Which i have no problem with. But during the service I guess he got a little loud and the pastor had to stop and ask the parents to take the child out.

Trufully I believe that the pastor could have this is a better way like pulling the family aside after church and talk to them.

But as a church have we become to institutionalized that we only come to church to get what we. Instead of reaching out we sit in our padded pews and ignore what is going on around us.

Why didn’t any one pull this child up into their laps or give him something to do. Have we become so narrow minded or focused on ourselves instead of others in the body of christ.

We need to come out of the insitutional mindset and reach out to others within our church famlies.


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