Here lately I’ve been hearing a lot about relationships and how to maintain good healthy relationships and how to make them grow.
First off in order to have good relationships with others.If your relationship with God isn’t right you will have problems in your personal and prefessional relationships. But if your relationship with God is right your relationships with others will change.

I know with myself if my relationship with God is not on the right track my personal relationships will suffer. Because I will start to distance myself from people that I am close to. We weren’t created not to have relationships he created us to have a relationship him first then with others.


15 thoughts on “Relationships.

  1. Some people would disagree with this, but for me it’s completely true.
    If I’m not comfortable with my relationship with God and myself, then how can I be with others?

  2. @inspirationalmusings. I don’t expect everyone to agree me on this topic. I was sharing my thoughts..

  3. I was not saying that I thought you were wrong or anything. I like to read other people’s thoughts on what they think about relationships and such. You were sharing yours and I was sharing mine.

  4. It is interesting , what goes on life, but the way we respond to every situation is very important….I talk about questions one needs to ask himself before a relationship, Why will you get into a relationship?, if you are not and what do you hope to achieve , when you decide to take it to the next level.

  5. You know I learned this was true the hard way and had a number of broken hearts… Life now is based on christ centered love even though at times all I feel are unanswered parables.

  6. This is so true. I don’t understand it. I can’t really even describe how it works, but it’s true, and I’ve found over and over again that it’s true in my life.

  7. I agree with this also. I find that oftentimes the problems I have with God I have with men. Like, for example, if I’m having a hard time trusting God, I notice that I’ll have a similar trust issue with my partner.

  8. I agree and working so hard to have a close relationship with him. My husband and I built our family and realize in order to stay strong we need God in our life and we are doing great with our relationship with God.

  9. I think love and god are one. If you see things like that, things shouldn’t be much of a problem. What can I say though, each day is new. Just love, live, pray and hope for the best.

  10. I agree whole heartedly with you. Also, when I begin to notice myself at odds with my family or friends, I get suspicious….. it’s time to check on my relationship with God!

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