False Doctrine

Why do people go off into false doctrine? Is it because they are in a dry place in their walk with God that they try to fill that void to renew their faith. Or is it because their walk with God has it grown stale. But if their walk has grown stale that is no reason reason to go off into false doctrine. Has the devil truely blinded these people. Or is it because they have lost the revealation of what Jesus did for them on the cross. Jesus never meant for his teaching to become so warped that it damages people spiritually. Some will go off into false doctrine because they don’t fully understand scripture and the context that it is used in within the passage . Reading scripture within the proper context is very important and can lead one astray.

Within the last week or so I have had someone tell me that I celebrate the sabbath on the the wrong day. That Jesus didn’t change the sabbath. She tried to use Acts 13:42-43 to prove her point that Gentiles followed the sabbath and worshipped with the Jews. She was also trying to point out that the sabbath was not considered to be Jewish. But you have to read those two verses within the passage to get the full meaning. Yes the sabbath was made for man but also jesus also warned the jews not to hold on it as tradition which is what they were doing. But he was trying to tell them that their rest was in him. She used mark2:27-28 to make her point on this one. She also used Gen 2:23 to say that the sabbath was given back in the Garden of Eden. But should it matter what day we worship on. Because all he is really looking for is our true worship.


5 thoughts on “False Doctrine

  1. The church I used to go to started throwing around a lot of false doctrine, and that really bothered me. I fought it for awhile, but then left for about six years. I went back, and after avoiding fights quite well, finally I decided when there would have been a fight to just leave. I got assaulted for leaving. A leader there grabbed me by the shoulder with force as though to demand an answer for my decision to leave. Didn’t leave a very good taste in my mouth. I don’t think it’s worth standing up to. I say, Burn the whole thing down. That’s my opinion on the matter. No one has to agree with me.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I understand what you are went through . I left a church that I lost trust in and didn’t really believe in there doctrine.

  3. Do you mind sharing which church? I was with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They keep bothering me, but I tell them to go away and not come back.

  4. Oh. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been to Pentecostal. I have been to many, but not Pentecostal. I have shared in the Adventists, studied with the Jehovah’s Witness, visited evangelicals of various groups, but I only heard of Pentecostal. Never actually went.

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