The Cost of Greed.

Mark 14:3 Jesus was eating at the home of Simon who once had leprosy when a woman came in with a very expensive bottle of purfume of sweet smelling purfume. After breaking it open she poured the purfume on Jesus’ head.

V4 This made some of the guests angry and they complained. Why such a waste?We could have sold this purfume for more than 300 hundred silver coins and given it to the poor.So they started saying cruel things to the woman.

V9 You may be sure that where the good news is told all over the world people will remember what she has done. And they will tell others. CEV

This is one of my favorite passages of scripture in the new testament. Its the passage where the the woman broke the bottle of purfume and washed Jesus’ feet. This angered some within the room that night because these people saw the price of the the purfume as more as more being more important than her worship and testimony. But, this act of worship became a part of her testimony.She was thanking Jesus for where he had brought her from.
Could they have been jealous because they knew in their hearts it should of been them giving him the praise or had they become greedy their own testimony by keeping it to themselves.

As the children of God our testimonies are a very important tool in winning the lost. We should not keep our testimonies locked up in some building that we attend just for other saints to hear. We should be using our testimonies to reach others. Have we become greedy with our testimonies as those in this passage. Besides our our testimony is a form of worship to our God. Just as the woman pouring out the purfume to was Jesus’ feet.

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