Casting a Vision

Pro 29:18 Where there is no vision the people perish,but he that keepth the law happy is he.(KJV)
When a church has no vision it will become stale and lose its flavor and begin the slow process of death. There are many churches today that are in this boat that don’t have a vision for the future or they don’t have leaders that give a vision or guidance to their saints. God will always give a vision or a revelation to the man of God in what direction to move.

I believe leaders that cast visions to their local congregations do seek the Lord in this area. Because when you a cast for your church it gives them guidance and also it gives the ministry staff guidance. I do believe that there are pastors that are led by God to cast vision. But also I believe they have to be careful to make sure that it is the will of God and not mans will.

But, sometimes when a vision is cast it may not be for the local level it could be on a global level. I do believe that God does gives some local churches a global vision.  We also must be able to discern between the the two in order to follow Gods will. Because anything out of God will will not be blessed.

But in closing I would like to say that a casting a vision may not work for some churches while in others it works. That would really depend on where that church body is at spiritually and if they are in unity. But also the pastors that do this has to make sure that it lines up with the word of God.

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