A Changing Sound

I heard this great testimony over the weekend that there is a certain sound that God wants from our lives. If we don’t have that sound we are like a clanging cymbal and we must change our sound. But as I was listenting to this God reminded me of a sermon that I had heard about a year ago called “Change the Sound” It talked about how we change our change our sound that could produce miracles and answer unanswered prayers.

I believe that our lives make a certain sounds that makes God turn his head away from us. When we fill our minds with stuff that shouldn’t be there that produces a sound. But yet there are many other sounds that creates waves if we not careful. Once the enemy gets a foot hold in our lives he will create hideous sounds that will eventually cause us to loose out with God.

But to create a wonderful sound we must have a great prayer life. Because the sound of prayer is an awesome sound to his ears. The sound of praise and prayer will change the atmosphere to any situtation but we must believe that is will happen. Sound does change things around us.


3 thoughts on “A Changing Sound

  1. Very good thoughts here! The “crud” that we can fill our hearts with does sadden our Lord. We need to center our lives around the “pitch perfect” word and will of God. Then we bring forth the things which make Him happy, and surprisingly, we are better off for it as well.


  2. It’s amazing how many of us have come to rely on other’s opinion, especially on social media, to guide our thoughts!

    We need to start thinking for ourselves again, or associate face to face with people in group discussions with like feelings and goals.


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