The tide gets turned

Esther5:9 Haman was feeling great as he left. But when when he saw Mordecai at the palace gate,he noticed that Mordecai did not stand up or show him any respect.This Haman angry.

V.10 But he did say a thing.

V.14 Haman’s wife and friends said to him. Have a gallows built about 75ft high and tomorrow morning ask the King to hang Mordecai there. Then later you can have dinner with the king and enjoy yourself. This seemed like a good idea to Haman,and he had the gallows built.

7:9 The n Herbona one of the kings servants said your majesty Haman built a gallows 75 feet high beside his house so he could hang Mordecai on it. And Mordecai is the very one who spoke up.and saved your life.Hang Haman from his own gallows the king commanded.

Sometimes anger can the best is someone. As with Haman when Mordecai didn’t didn’t stand up give him proper recognition. Haman’s ego must have been crushed when
Mordecai did not stand in his honor. It is strange how some people will let their anger control them and let it do unspeakable things. Did Haman let the significance of being a palace guard give him the desire for importance that he always wanted. Is this what drove him to build that gallows to try to hang Mordecai. I believe that Haman was so wrapped up in his job title that it made him feel important.But we should never desire significance through through any job title that we hold because it can be taken away at anytime.When Haman went home that night he whined to his friends and wife about how he was disrespected by Mordecai. Then Haman got a bright Idea that he would build a gallows and put Mordecai to death .as
As he reveals his plan to his wife and his friends they think it is a wonderful.In the mean time as all of this is going on Mordecai never speaks one word about how he was treated. I guess the old addage is true silence is golden is true .

After all of this Haman’s plotting against Mordecai for not showing him respect.Mordecai gets honored y the king.At this point Haman probably was very upset seeing Moredcai get honored by the King. But what Haman doesn’t realize is that the tide is about to be turned and his plot revealed. But what Haman never factored in was that what he built for use in Mordecai death would be used in his very own death.

But,God had different plans for Mordecai. His life was spared because he chose to keep quiet while Haman was giving attitude. There’s been a few times in my life where I’ve chosen to keep silent about things and let God take are of the issue. But also at the the same time I didn’t do what Haman did and let my position go to my head and let it give me an ego.
God take care of the matter


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