Don’t Idolize preachers

It really is funny how God can confirm something to be honest I didn’t really want to write this posting. But,
God confirmed this morning while I was sitting in church.

Well, Friday while I was at work me and the Pepsi vendor was finishing a conversation we had on Tuesday. As we were talking we got off on the topic of people who compare ministries to other ministries and how some saints fall into the trap of idolizing pastors and go to that particular church to sit underneath that pastor. When we begin to idolize our pastors we won’t pick up the word of God for ourselves and study it we will take him for his be honest I have fallen into this trap myself but I have come to the point where I will pick up my bible and study a passage to get the meaning.We should never idolize a man of God because he is flesh and blood just like us. Besides when we idolize preachers we do the ministry a great disservice because we actually put them in competition with one another. Besides when we idolize preachers we put them in the same boat as singers,sports,and movie stars.


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