Peter denies Jesus but gets the keys to the Kingdom

Here lately I’ve been thinking alot about the apostle Peter. Peter always seemed to getting himself into some kind of jam. The first jam he got himself in was taking his eyes of Jesus when he was walking on water.I believe in a lot of ways he took his eyes of Jesus because he lacked faith. Then he got himself in to another jam when he denied Jesus not once but three times.
But, yet Jesus entrusted him with the keys to the Kingdom.

Was Jesus using Peter as an example of how we would do him. Because Peter did the samething as we do when we take our eyes off of Jesus and put it on our circumstance. Before we come to him we deny him but sometimes after we come to salvation in Jesus in still deny that he can do miracles in our lives and we fall into unbelief or we don’t really admit to others that we follow him just as Peter did.
At times Peter tended to be a loose cannon but with this quality about him this could be the reason why Jesus picked Peter to receive the Keys to the Kingdom. After all that Peter put Jesus through you would have thought that he would haven given the Keys to the kingdom to another disciple the keys but he chose Peter.he not only gave Peter the Keys to the Kingdom but he also gave him one of the most important messages to preach on the day of Pentecost.

In closing I believe that God gave Peter the keys to the kingdom because he was not perfect but yet he kept on trying. God isnt looking for perfect people but people who are willing to let their imperfections show.And trust me Peter did show his imperfections show as he walked on the water and also when he denied Jesus. The biggest reason why he was chosen to be given the Keys to the Kingdom is because Peter knew who Jesus was when he asked who do men say that I am.


3 thoughts on “Peter denies Jesus but gets the keys to the Kingdom

  1. Thank you for the kind words. I believe that to many of us tries to be perfect in order to receive what we need from God.

  2. You know my pastor said there are classes of disciples of Jesus, and that the class Peter belonged shows commitment, understanding, love etc. Notice it was Peter who got the revelation of who Jesus is, was there at the transfiguration, was there in that courtyard where Jesus was tried even when the other disciples were not there, he went into the tomb. Peter was a man with great commitment towards the gospel and revelation.

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