Don’t include yourself in division of the body.

Romans16:17-18 One final counsel, friends keep a sharp eye out for those who take bits and pieces of the teaching that you learned and then use the to make trouble,Give these people a wide berth, They have no intention of living for our master Christ. They’re only in this for what, they can get out of it , and above using pious sweet talk to dupe unsuspecting innocents.(MSG)

I understand that this scripture talks about people dividing the church body over doctrine and things that deal with doctrine. These people we should avoid them at all cost so they will not poison our thinking. But, usually you can spot this people right away because they will always want to debate over these issues. I would also like to take a side road for a minute. I know that I might be taking this verse out of context just slightly by saying that I believe that it s also talking about other church issues that may come up that people could divide over. When we get wrapped up in these things that cause division in the body it doesn’t affect the main parties that are involved but affects the church as a whole. If it doesn’t get taken care of it can cause repercussions that can last a long time. The bible instructs us not to talk to the division makers but yet we keep them as friends. Actually, this would show us how healthy our relationship with God is if we continue contact with these people that’s causing the division. But, usually we never see the division until it happens . These ones that cause the division usually will have very slick words to deceive the people they are trying to win over to their side.

In closing, I would like to say most of these people that cause division are being used by the devil to cause strife within the church to take the church away from its main purpose and that is to win people. When the devil has a choke hold on the church body with a issue like this it can either destroy the church or it can make the church stronger. But as saints we must never like this overtake us. We must stand strong against something like this.


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