The I generation

With our I phones, I pods and I pads we have become consumed with the letter I . We think of ourselves constantly and put ourselves in fronts of others. Even as the church we have become very focused with what can I do for my church instead of letting God lead us. We even have chosen worship songs to feed our need to be self focused if we don’t have certain songs we won’t worship. And it even bleeds down to where we sit at in church also. But, that’s not how God intended it to be yet that’s what we have turned it in to with our consumer mentality. Have we actually taken God out of our churches and replaced me with ourselves being the center of everything. I am afraid that we are losing a generation of young because of this very reason . We have become so self focused that we have passed it on to our young people. When we don’t focus on God and focus on ourselves things begin to go astray it actually becomes shameless self promotion. To be honest I believe the reason why we don’t see miracles in this day is because we are so self focused that we don’t dig in and get past ourselves. We have focused on I for so long that we are losing a generation of youth . They may know a God through worship and the the activities that they are involved in. But, my question is do they really know their God or is he unknown to them deep inside. We need to take the I out of our relationship with so he does not become unknown to us.


4 thoughts on “The I generation

  1. Unfortunately, I think you’re spot-on with this arm5. The current generation is very self-entitled and self-centered. They have no sense of sacrifice and little idea of something greater than themselves. The closest they seem to get is to think of movements, of a great happening in this time only.

    But nobody seems to see the scope of history. Nobody seems to see God working over cosmic time periods to cause salvation and glory for Himself, not for mankind. As Chesterton said so presciently, they are forever in revolution, but not toward anything in particular. Rather, they’re in a revolution leading to nothing at all.

    Only God can satisfy, and only God can ground us. But that’s something people need to understand from the Lord working in their hearts. It can’t be imposed from the outside. We need to be more evangelical, more missions-oriented. His Word will not return void, and His Word is the only hope for this generation. The answer for this generation is not to focus on this generation, but rather to focus on Him.

  2. Breaking through the shell of one’s self — call it the ego, if you want — has been a common challenge for many religions across the years. It is, in fact, at the core of Jesus’ commandment to take up your own cross daily, to yield yourself and open yourself to God’s presence and direction.

    I share your sense that it’s worsening today. Part of it comes with the breakdown of community, where you can trust others to be present; another part comes with the breakdown of the workplace and the Protestant work ethic, so that you’re ever more a freelancer left to your own resources rather than the company’s embrace; part of it comes with the way we’ve crowded our lives so there’s no opportunity for the “still small voice” to be heeded.

    For that matter, too often, what’s presented as “worship” is really “entertainment.” (And not for God’s amusement, either, but to compete with Hollywood and Nashville, or at least extend it.) In fact, for most of us, our daily lives, especially our employment and lifestyles, are divorced from the religious values we claim.

    At least we know there’s an alternative. Now, to make manifest, step by step, daily.

  3. I do agree with you that it has a lot to with the break down of the community but also I believe that is also has a lot to do the lack of family most families don’t eat together anymore and that has bled over in to our churches

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