Breakout Session2

On wed night we had our second breakout session in the Tabernacle plan. But before we broke into the the second we did short review of the first lesson to let the people that missed the first lesson catch up. In the the first lesson we learned that the Tabernacle sat in the courtyard and the court surrounded by by a white linen fence it was 150 ft long by 75 ft across by 71/2 ft high and it was three times as long as it was wide.

There are some very practical lessons that we can learn from the Tabernacle itself it was framed as a Devine model, it was always placed in the center of the camp to show that Jesus should be the center of our lives. It always provides the principle of obedience to God.

We also discussed the two men that was put in charge of building the Tabernacle which was Bezaleel and Ahoilab and what there names meant . Bezaleel’s named meant overshadowed by the Lord and Ahoilab means tent of the father. It was Gods desire for the tabernacle to be built so he could dwell among his people. Also look at how the the tabernacle was built its layout resembles the cross. The main entrance to the the Tabernacle always pointed easterly and also there are three main parts to the Tabernacle which are the courtyard, the holy place, and the holy of holies.

We also discussed all of the materials that went into the building of the Tabernacle and also we what each one of them means .It was real interesting to see how all the materials of the Tabernacle relates to Jesus and to the plan of salvation . It was also brought up about the glory cloud about how if it hung over the camp it was time for them to pack up and leave. I kind of wonder of they ever really completely unpacked not knowing how long they would stay in one place.

As we discussed this the question that came up was how they were able to pack up the Tabernacle so quickly when this cloud would up. To be honest this was a very interesting question that came up. It also made me wonder who was in charge of packing up the Tabernacle so I decide e to search for the answer. And the answer to this question the is the tribe that was outside of the east gate to the tabernacle was in charge of taking it apart,


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