Moses and Joshua were called to minister in two different ways.

These two men had very mighty ministries. But, they were called to two different ministries. Moses was called to deliver the children of Isreal out from Egypt. Which he did deliver from Egypt. When it became time to pass the mantle he passed it on to Joshua. Because Moses’ ministry could only take the children of Isreal so far. His ministry was not suppose to posses the land his ministry was a ministry of deliverance. As he brought them to the pinnacle of possessing the land God called a man that could possess the land and that man was Joshua. God,had to choose a man that would be determined to win the land that was promised to Isreal. We have mistaken these two ministries of Moses and Joshua . As Christians we have interwoven these two ministries as one when they were never met to be one because they had two entirely different purposes.


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