The steeple of the dead.

The church in Sardis may have looked alive from the outside but truly every inch of it was dead. This church had stopped looking for the return and it had stopped fighting battles. But,it didn’t see that it had an illness and it went with out any change. There are many churches today that are in the same condition as the church in Sardis was but the refuse to recognize their condition. They can slap all kinds
of band aids on there deadness such as new programs and other things. A church may have wonderful services but that doesn’t mean it is not dead that might just be God knocking on the door asking to be let back in. God is the only one that can bring a church out of its deadness and bring it back to life.


2 thoughts on “The steeple of the dead.

  1. Or perhaps we look beyond decaying centres to the forces of renewal that may be burgeoning in the world, wherever we find them. Holding firmly on to the traditions and imitations of the past, whether religious or secular, can never imbued communities and congregations with that strength and determination to set them on a course of change and renewal. Can new wine be put in old bottles?

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