Fight for your blessing

Jacob means trickster. He tricked his father into giving him his brothers birthright. But, God always had his hand in his hand. In a lot of ways Esau missed a blessing. After Jacob tricked his brother out of the blessing of the birthright the angel of the lord came to Jacob. They began to wrestle and the wrestled all night until Jacob received his blessing. As Christians we should fight for our blessings as Jacob did. But to often we give up before the fight before God can bless us. Why do we give up on our blessings so quickly it is because we use our time instead of Gods timing. I believe the reason why it took Jacob all night to wrestle the angel is because God wanted to him to wait for the victory of the blessing and also he wanted to bring him to a place of surrender. Just he wants to do with his children. He was also showing us obedience through this whole story. Sometimes when we don’t receive our blessings is because we obey his still small voice.


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