The greatest stone of all

Eph 2:20 You are like a building with the apostles and prophets as the foundation and with Christ as the most important stone. (cev)

Last Sunday morning in Adult Sunday school our pastor touched on the topic Christ being the chief cornerstone of the church and our lives. The last few weeks I have had this same topic on my mind . He must be the foundation that we must build our lives upon. But, so many of many us gets off track as Christians and do not keep him as the main cornerstone. So, many times we reject him because we don’t want to give up authority of our lives to him . We try to to make him a stepping stone in our lives instead of the main cornerstone. But,he wants to the main cornerstone of his church and not just a pebble. The sad part he is slowly being shut out of his church . Some churches have seperated themselves from the cornerstone that they really don’t operate as a church . When you get away from the cornerstone you lose your life.


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