Has the gift of tongues ceased

No, I don’t believe that the gift of tongues has ceased for today as many believes. I believe that he still fills people with the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. So, I do not believe that it has not ceased. If this gift has ceased then this all of the other gifts would have ceased with tongues. But,God would not contradict his very word by ceasing the gift of tongues and not the others. So, I do believe that the gift of tongues are still in in operation today for all who wants as it says in Acts 2:38. I also believe that it is the initial sign that you have received the holy ghost.


3 thoughts on “Has the gift of tongues ceased

  1. I absolutely agree with you. Evidence of tongues is so controversial, lol! But, I want to see demons cast out and the dead raised, too! So, I got saved and began devouring the word and was so excited about all the miracles and moving mountains and raising the dead, blind healed, demons cast out, prophesying, and so much more. I don’t want a form of godliness while still denying God’s power… I want it all and more ;-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I can tell that you are on fire for God! The narrow path is the only way to walk with Him. In His Blessed Name & Service M. J Andre

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