To tell or not to tell.

There were many times in scripture where Jesus when he healed someone that he told them to go and tell others about their healings. But, also there were other times when he healed that he told them not to breathe a word. It always has baffled me why he would tell some to tell about their healings and while he would tell others not to tell. The ones that he told not to tell could it be because he wanted the people around them to believe in him and not focus on the miracle that he had preformed. Or could it because he wanted to draw people to him through the miracle. But, I believe that he wanted to show us that sometimes we can get so focused on our miracle they we can get healed and want to run out and shout it out to the world but maybe that’s not what he wants us to do maybe he wants us to to keep it quiet for his glory and also to draw those people who may not believe in his miracles.


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