My testimony.

I came from a pentecostal home and went to church. I remember hearing my Great grandfather preach on many occasions. And I also remember being slain in the spirit when I was about 12 years old. As I got older I started moving away from God. Around fourteen I begin to dabble around in things that I should not have been messing around with. I began to play around with the occult and other things. Because I never believed in witchcraft . Then around the age of sixteen something changed my mind on witchcraft not be real. One Halloween my friends and went out to roam the streets to get some candy. Before I left home that I was warned not to go by one house. But I went by that house anyways and there was a Wicca ceremony going. Quiet frankly it scared me half to death. Shortly after that I moved to California and moved further away from god. But I am glad to say today that I back in church and serving god.


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