Going through a rough spot.

Luke13:6 Jesus told them this story; A man had a fig tree growing in his vineyard. One day he went out to pick some figs but he didn’t find any.

7 So, he said to the gardener For three years I have come looking for figs on this tree , and I haven’t found and yet, Chop it down. Why should it take up space.

8 The gardener answered. “Master leave it for another year I’ll dig around it and put some manure on it to make it grow.

There was a certain man that had a fig tree that was not producing any fruit. So, his boss told him to cut the tree down. But,the man told his boss to give him another chance with the tree and not cut it down so he could nurse it back to health.

Sometimes as Christians we go through times of not producing any fruit. And we begin to isolate ourselves because we feel as though we are taking up space so we begin to die or stunt our growth. But, God doesn’t see us in that manner he will start helping us grow again so we can start producing healthy fruit

One of the reasons why e stop growing is because we stop feeding our spiritual man and our natural man begins to grow. But, he gives us a chance a chance to correct that and he cuts our branches back do we can grow and bare fruit again.


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