Underneath the shadow of the cross.

As she stood there watching them slowly begin to hang Jesus on the cross tears must have been starting to fill her eyes. Memories must have come rushing back to her the night that gave birth to him in that cold dark stable. As they began to whip him that must have broken her heart I can imagine by this point the tears must have been streaming down her face just as the blood was slowly streaming down his body. Did Mary know that the blood that was streaming down his body would save the world. As it was becoming later in the day the cross began to cast a long dark shadow by this point Mary knew that it was getting close to the time that he would draw his last breath. As he began to take his last breath she must have been taking big gulps to keep from choking on her tears. As they began to take him off of the cross she knew that it was over. But little did she know that he would rise three days later.


3 thoughts on “Underneath the shadow of the cross.

  1. What we don’t know can wreck us; but I like how the book of Luke depicts the happening of the angel’s visitation to Mary and the subsequent events which Luke said “she pondered them in her heart”. I believe Mary was wise beyond her years.
    Thanks for sharing. W

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