Switch your nets.

John21:6 So he told them “Let your nets down on the right side of your boat,and you will catch some fish.

After they had been out fishing all night long they were coming back inland. As they were coming in Jesus was standing there and told them to go back out. When he told them to go back out they probably thought to themselves dude we have been out there all night and have caught absolutely nothing. As they were complaining about going back out he simply tells them to switch there nets to the otherside of the boat. Once they switched there nets they caught so many fish that it broke .

I believe what he is showing us here is when we are out witnessing and we keep on hitting a roadblock that we need to change our methods of reaching that person or a group of people. When we refuse to change our methods and do it his way it can stop the blessing from happening. So we should always obedient to what he wants.


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