The lost art of listening for Gods voice.

1 Samuel 3:6 Again The Lord called out Samuels name got up and went to Eli .Here I am “Son I didn’t call you Go back to sleep.

V7. The Lord had not spoken to Samuel before. And Samuel did not recognize his voice.

Samuel had never heard Gods voice before so he was confused on not clear if it was Eli that was calling him.
Sometimes we can be a lot like Samuel and not be sure if it is God calling us. In a lot of ways we have lost the art of listening for his voice in our Daily lives. We can become like Samuel and ask God is this truly you because we haven’t heard his voice in a while. A lot of times we don’t hear him because we don’t give him the time to or we just don’t have the patience to . But he still wants to speak to his people today if we just will focus on him and listen to his word and pray.


3 thoughts on “The lost art of listening for Gods voice.

  1. What’s the difference between hearing God’s voice and having an auditory hallucination? How can you be sure that what you’re having is the real thing?

  2. God tells me (and others I’ve talked to) something twice in differing ways but in SUCH ways that you cannot deny, in your heart, that you are hearing God. If you are born again, Satan has a hard time getting a foothold with the indwelling of Christ in you and that’s the bit about “waiting on the LORD”–always pray and try to give time to God to “show up” and answer. I am getting better at making Him part of all decisions in regards to “responses” to other people, or what to buy or not buy, or do in major events: I await the “affirm” and get it when it’s Him. If I am pressured to act quickly, I tend to know it’s Satan and a “reaction” he is trying to get me to “do” to destroy my faith or other’s faith in me. God’s instructions might be through a Bible verse after praying for guidance, and then the “affirm” might be a random comment you hear when walking past someone in the grocery store. Holy Spirit speaks in many ways, and like the “wind” so Satan can’t “track” and corrupt. Like the fleece story, it is best to get confirmation from God of anything you’re told to do or believe, which Eve did not do, and Adam, out of fear of loneliness (from not doing Eve’s will), outright avoided. Whether they are historical characters doesn’t matter so much as the story and what it teaches us about our own sinful behavior, and where it leads (to death). Maybe Abel’s offering was just being able to wait on the LORD’s answer and affirmation, and trust He’d be led.

  3. P.S. one writer I read (maybe C.S. Lewis in Screwtape Letters) said that Satan can only hear what comes out of our mouths and tempts us accordingly. So I think that may be why Jesus stressed praying in private is better than out loud, and if you do, the LORD’S Prayer covers all bases and doesn’t let Satan have an “in” to what you’re thinking or wanting. That’s why there are so many Proverbs around how evil the mouth is: you might as well have a beeper on you letting Satan track your every thought. Paul even says in 1st Thessalonians it is best to be quiet (when you feel you’re being attacked especially, or tempted). Talk to God in your heart, the temple, and Satan can’t corrupt you as easily. Being a talkative being for most of my life, this has been hard for me to accomplish but with the Holy Spirit, I feel I am getting better.

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