Belittling the man of God.

2Sam 6:14 He was dancing for The Lord with all of his might but he only wore a linen cloth

16 Sauls daughter Michal looked out her window and watched the chest being brought into David’s city, But when she saw David jumping and dancing for The Lord she was disgusted.

As David and his men were coming back with the Ark. David began to dance before The Lord because they had retrieved the ark and was bringing it back to where it belong, As they were reentering town he was stripped down to his linens. When Michal saw the celebration and saw that David was dancing in his linen cloth she became incensed. As David was walking through the doors of the palace she intercepted and began to rant what were you doing your the king you shouldn’t be dancing in the streets nearly naked and began to belittle him for worshipping his God.

Sometimes as saints we can become disgusted as Michal did with our pastor. We can start to nitpick at every little thing and become a critic of how he is doing things. When this spirit takes up residence in a church it can cause division in the body. As we become disgusted over the things he may be doing or not be doing it can have a polarizing effect on his ministry .As we begin to belittle him or not belittle him we can take sides and take our swords out and begin to use against one another . We should never promote our own agendas because when we do we take the issue on the table in our own hands . Because we take it into our hand we leave leave the church body fractured, bruised, and broken apart at the seams. But once we put our swords down we can dance like David danced as the ark was being brought back into the city.


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