Giving with an open heart.

Mark12:42 Finally,a poor widow came up and put two coins worth only a few pennies.

43 Jesus told his disciples to gather around him. Then he said. I tell you that this poor widow has put in more than all the others.

The widow woman have more than all the rich gave. Because she gave all that she had as a form of worship while the others were giving out of pride and arrogance . Or maybe they were giving out of guilt. As they were coming up and dropping there offering in Jesus could see what they truly had in their hearts. Sometimes we can hold back on what God wants us to give because we are afraid to take that leap of faith. To be honest I be caught myself not giving what I should truly give or wanting to hang on to it. I really do admire the widow woman because she gave as a form of worship. I believe if we looked at as the widow woman did it could transform our lives as worshippers.


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