Should we pay pastors?


Paul had gone to the church in Corinth to preach as he had done on many occasions. But, this time it was a little different he asked to be paid. There were some that didn’t like that Paul asked to be paid because in all of his other visits he never asked. Why were they upset that Paul asked for money he had the right to ask just as all the other apostles had done. Could they of been upset with Paul about leaving or were they that far away from God. He had the right to ask for it because he had sowed seed into that congregation and he had brought the gospel.

Sometimes, we can be as the Corinithian church we can choose not to give to the ministry that we sit underneath. We can give every excuse in the book including let friends talk us out of giving. When we choose not to tithe it really is a heart issue and spiritual issue because we don’t believe in this ministry or how it is being ran. Once we take on this attitude we miss out on the blessings that God can bestow on us. When we sow into that ministry we are sowing seeds that can have an lasting affect on new ones.


One thought on “Should we pay pastors?

  1. I think we should, unlike the Catholic priests who can depend on their church’s coffer, the pastors depend only on the “tithes” of their congregation…

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