Where is worship headed?

Well, I read a very interesting article on worship and how the landscape of worship has changed. Yes, worship has changed in the last ten years. I believe there is a combination of reasons why it has changed. Some of us wants that entertainment feel. So we really have turned our worship leaders Into performers. We also want the concert atmosphere to bring people. What some of this stems from is the growth plans that pastors use to grow there churches. I even know of some of these mega churches that will incorporate worldly songs into there services to draw people. I believe if we don’t see this trend change it will leave a gaping hole in churches in America.


9 thoughts on “Where is worship headed?

  1. I’ve noticed (not in person) of many of the larger churches doing this. The worship from 25 years ago in almost all churches is completely different. More man-centered these days in many. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Angela. You are right. The entertainment factor is huge, now, in the North American church. This has got to change if we’re going to be blessed by God as a nation again.

  3. Churches are afraid of telling people what they do not want to hear. People attend church to feel good about themselves. The church becomes a vehicle to pat oneself on the back: not as a vehicle to help others

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