Facial hair

Is having facial hair considered to be a sin. There are some preachers that say it is a sin or rebellion. But, is it truly rebellion if a man wants to have facial hair. It is only rebellion if the man starts off being convicted then stops living out his conviction . What it really boils down to is obedience . There were many men in the bible that had facial such Moses and Jesus . There are even verses in the Old Testament on grooming of facial hair. I believe where a lot of people get off on this issue is they try to relate it to salvation. When we begin to do this we actually are adding to the salvation. So, we need to be careful in this area and not to go too far out of bounds..


9 thoughts on “Facial hair

  1. I have never heard of such. Biblically, facial hair is never spoken of in a negative way. Part of the nazarite vow was to never let a razor be used on that person.

  2. I know I’ve read all the scripture on this . I read an article not on this very topic and he did exactly that he called it rebellion he was trying to tie it to Greek culture and the culture of the 60’s.

  3. I have never heard of such a thing. Thanks for sharing. If it’s not a biblical sin then I have to say it is not sin. Every man in the 60s that wore a beard wasn’t a drugged out hippie. Scripture must be your guide not ‘any” man.

  4. If someone joins any organization, they are committing to the rules or by-laws of that organization…so it could be a form of rebellion in that sense if the rules or the by-laws are not being followed and yet one calls themselves a member. No matter how ridiculousness and non-sensible some of those are, lol…truly!

  5. Scripture really must be your guide. Some “sects” attempt to place additional rules upon Scripture. Christ came to release from those chains. If you read Matthew chapters 5-7 in a Bible that has commentary, you will discover the truth of what Jesus wants for us. It is not to follow rule upon rule, but to live from love of God and each other. Jesus lived, died and was resurrected to set us free, not to make us captive again. As Levi said, let Scripture be your guide.

  6. I am not a man but honestly I don’t think God cares what a man has on his face. It’s what’s in a mans heart and mind that He ultimately cares about. I don’t know just a woman’s perspective :-)

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