Image and multisensory worship

The young people in the emergent church depends on images and multisensory to develop their worship services. They use things such as images of Jesus incense and other icons as a form of worship. Why do they rely on this type of worship as a connection to God. Didn’t God say that we shouldn’t worship graven images or put other Gods in front of him. Are they connecting to God in this manner because they are trying to create an experience for themselves so they can understand God. But when you create an experience in this way to can cause a false since of security to the believer. So they are basing their relationship on the feelings and senses that they see at that moment. So they are really walking by sight and not faith As we walk by sight we can label our experience in any fashion that we want and be comfortable in that way. Is the reason why this generation is so into multisensory worship is because so many of them were so into playing video games.


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