Jesus and the Parables

Throughout the gospels Jesus told parables to engage the disciples and crowds. Why did we choose this method of teaching. Did he choose this method because of their attention spans. Or did he use this method of teaching because it would stick with the crowd. There could of been many reasons why he chose to use the method of the story. The parables that he used probably varied in length. I believe he chose parables to teach because many age groups could understand them.


One thought on “Jesus and the Parables

  1. I think Jesus used parables partly because they could be understood by many age groups, but also partly because they couldn’t be understood unless you wanted to understand them. Some parables are pretty self explanatory, but some you have to think about to understand. Jesus didn’t want people to understand everything He said because when you understand something you’re accountable for it. Jesus knew He would be killed and if His killers understood all of His words He wouldn’t have been able to say “Forgive them for they know not what they do” because they would have known what they were doing.

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