A experience that changed my thinking. 

This is a part of my testimony I don’t talk about to much but it changed me. I was around Sixteen when this happened. It happened one Halloween . My friends and I decided to go out and roam the neighborhood . But before I left home my father asked me not to go by this one house in particular because of what was taking place at the one house. So, after I left home I went to my best friends house and we began to talk about what we were going to do. Before to long  our conversation switched over to this house and whether or not we should go by the house to check out the goings on. We end leaving my friends house and going by that particular house  as we were walking towards where house was located I turned to my friend that I didn’t think it was a good idea. But at that point we were close enough to the house to see the Wicca ceremony that was in progress. Which by the way really freaked me out. As we were leaving I remember saying to myself please don’t let my dad find about this. But by the time I got home and walked through the door he looked me dead in my face and said to me you went didn’t you. And of course I couldn’t lie and told him yes. After seeing what I had saw that night I didn’t get an ounce of sleep. But that experience changed me because I really didn’t believe in witchcraft at that time. I believe that God had me see that because of some of the things that I was dabbling in at the the time. But it also kept me from going down a very dark and troubling road.


7 thoughts on “A experience that changed my thinking. 

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that it had such an impact on you in a positive way, in the long run. Had your heart been more inclined in the opposite direction it may have turned out differently.

  2. Do you really believe in which craft?
    In my country many use such things just as bluff to earn money. Such thinking is hurdle to our development. So my parents obviously discourage me to believe these
    But I feel, behind all the frauds there was out still is doing truth about it. This debate constantly arise in my mind .
    Opinion of sounding who is foreigner and who may have experienced this is valuable for me.

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