Southern baptist and speaking in tongues.

In the the last few weeks the Southern baptist has changed their minds on the issue of speaking in tongues. For many many years they were against this particular gift  and preached that it was of the devil. But they have decided to allow their missionary’s to use this gift out on the missions field. Have they come to realize there is power in speaking in tongues. Or are they trying to reconnect themselves to the early where they can have power again. I believe they are trying to reconnect to the church in acts and they are starting to realize that the Pentecostal movement what on the right track.


12 thoughts on “Southern baptist and speaking in tongues.

  1. The Southern Baptists of at least the last 30 years, as a whole, have not thought tongues was “of the devil.” In fact a large number of Southern Baptists I have spoken with about it (and I am a Southern Baptist) believe the gift of tongues the use of an earthly language to communicate the gospel to people of other people groups, such as happened at Pentecost. They, and I, also believe there is no greater power in tongues than in any of the other gifts mentioned in Scripture. This move by the International Mission Board does not signal a shift in doctrinal position nor in congregational practice. It is intended to get as many missionaries onto the global mission field as possible.
    Pastor John MacArthur, with his “Strange Fire” teaching does represent a segment of Southern Baptists, but I would assert this segment is far from a majority. We do however believe that the best way to reconnect with the church in Acts is to devote ourselves to the apostle’s teaching, and to prayer, and the breaking of bread, and fellowship. Our goal as Christians is not about gifts, but the Giver.

  2. Speaking in Tongue, of me for example, sounds and words not earthly taught yet flow so naturally in me and throught my mouth. They are tight sound of aggression and of normal voices that had infused in me. Such speaking in tongue, I don’t understand yet know that goes against my will and yet accepted as a charismatic gifts by the Spirit of God. True and True,they are because catholic Pope as acknowledge as I too accepted. But the fact is, such goes against the will of self unknowingly is dangerous. Such a Spirit of Speaking in Tongue is a Spirit of of alike myself who love myself, thus tranforming the aggressiveness to be peaceful and alive. And such Gifts are true authentic of Goodness and wrongly accused of Evil voices and is redeemed for Such Speaking in Tongue have power to heal. Put effort to practice will heighten spirituality of such self. Through practice, such sounds return to gentle and will silent and evolve a greater understanding of Spiritual Gifts by the same Spirit and thus, nolonger sounds but thought that can manifest healing. Thumb Up.

  3. I can’t see how so many can condemn it when it is written in scripture. I believe that tongues should be a part of every believers life.

  4. I can understand, such believer like myself to say, condemning speaking through faculty of the tongues in conjunction with the breath of life on metaphysical ground and only through faith with reason. But without reasoning, it is pure faith and is not acceptable in today, for advances in the mystery of science can may disprove Scripture writing. Though inspired words, writers have weakness of personal gain individuals and open to flaws. St. Paul, state, even such gifts nothing compare to Love. Their are many paths alike or greater than practicing with in the Spirit. A feet or A hand, or such of parts of the body, working to bring greater love into humanity. It is very nice, but not needed, therefore but such individuals lifestyle and have fun doing whatever means to heighten Self-Spirituality.

  5. I suspect the shift has more to do with the SBC’s general opinion on the kinds of people who speak in tongues, rather than the theology. Charismatic churches are generally viewed as low-class; Pentecostals, for example, tend to be concentrated in Appalachia. My impression of the SBC is that it tends to be concentrated in the “Deep South” and is the religion of choice of more middle and upper class folks. A prohibition against speaking in tongues, therefore, I see as an attempt to differentiate themselves from lower class folks. A reversal of this position indicates to me that they no longer see it as important to differentiate themselves from the tongue-speaking folks and might even want to incorporate them–few Christian groups have experienced much internal growth lately, so incorporating newcomers is becoming more critical.

  6. That is very true. But also I think they realize there is power in speaking in a heavenly language. But also we have to includeActs2:38 . And besides there should never be a caste system in Christianity no one denomination is better than the other.

  7. While I believe the gift of being able to speak and understand a language fluently without having studied the language is a supernatural gift that was given during the foundational era of the church, I also believe God gives some people the ability to pick up a foreign language very easily. I knew a young lady years ago who could listen to two people having a conversation in a language she had never heard and within about thirty minutes, she could understand what they were saying. Within an hour she could converse them and within a week she could speak the language fluently. Within a month she could master various dialects within that language.

    He doesn’t give everyone this gift, nor should anyone falsely claim they have it. Use the gifts God gave you, whatever they are, and be content with them.

  8. Speaking in tongues is a gift. I don’t know about the SBC per se, but I don’t think anyone should be prevented from speaking in tongues by individuals or church bodies, or forced into speaking in tongues by individuals or church bodies. The former may lead to standing in the way of God’s gift, and the latter to encouraging pretence. Truth is, whoever accepts Christ becomes a new creation. Such an one is born of Him. That person when he receives Christ also does receive the Holy Spirit subsequently, and the empowerment to speak in tongues comes just naturally.
    And, gifts are not given to everyone. Sometimes we just need to lay aside our reasoning and search for facts after the order of men, or trying to justify things which are acceptable or believable in our era today. If we say we are Christians, we believe we are children of God by faith. Remember the bible says without faith, it is impossible to please God.


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  10. Argued this subject for years. I have a Baptist daughter in Lynchburg, VA. She prayed for me to get saved, but when I did in 1983 and God put me in a Charismatic/Pentecostal church, she said I was of the devil. Totally denying Acts. My reply then in the 80’s was, “When you prayed for God to save me, did you specifically “tell” Him what denomination? She is totally legalistic. In fact now after all these years, I see no infilling of the Holy Spirit in her whatsoever. If the Bible is the same yesterday, today and always, and if we are not to add or take from the written word, isn’t denying the Gifts of the Spirit..(Holy Spirit) close to the unpardonable sin of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? The Catholics too, have taken out the word of God, and added their own books…And most do not even preach salvation, ie John 3:3, nor is this Pope even knowledgeable of the Old Testament, ie Palestine…(God gave to the Jews in Gen. 13, not Arabs). So much is taken out of context by many that profess themselves Christian. But, having the Gifts of the Spirit and tongues, allows us to have a closer relationship with both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is after all, that personal relationship and not rituals, that salvation is all about.

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