Can small groups or life groups create community in your church. 

A few months ago I finished reading a book by Joesph r Myers  called “Searching to belong. In this book he talked about small groups how they work for some churches and they don’t work for others. I didn’t agree with some of his thoughts on small groups.Small or life groups I believe can be used a way to connect the ones that don’t feel connected to the church. But also it can help a new convert connect to the body and create relationships with one another. But also I think what he really missed is starting a starting a small group study could spun a new church . There is pros and cons to having small or life groups for every church but it can help bring healthyness back to the body,.


One thought on “Can small groups or life groups create community in your church. 

  1. I completely agree with your view on this…”Super Churches” have been popping up in my hometown that were originally formed from Bible study groups. I say super churches because my town’s populace is a mere 3,000 people, and with attendance at 300-400 people every Sunday, they’re considered huge for back home. It’s been so bizarre to witness Bible study leaders win over groups of people with their interpretations of the Bible and then start lucrative churches. Thank you for writing this, it’s definitely an opinion that needs to be put out there!

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