Upside down 

In the seventeenth chapter of Acts it talks about how the disciples turned the world upside down. But in the twenty first century we don’t see this much. Could it be because we are afraid to see the transformation it could bring to our own personal lives. Or is the real truth is that the church has failed to make true disciples to go and turn the world upside down. I think a lot of times a church will rely on and a outreach program  to turn the turn the world upside down. It really does not require a program.  All it takes is people that has a true desire to see people saved to turne the world upside down.


4 thoughts on “Upside down 

  1. This is not just with churches sadly but even with mosques. It is hard to find people with such a strong desire either because they don’t really learn much about their religion so they have a fear of straying from the mainstream of society. Also they probably don’t have any real life role models to look to from their religious institution, to set an example.

  2. That is so true and it hinders the church that’s the reason why churches has turned to growth plans.

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