Reaching your destination.

Acts 3:2  And a certain man from his mothers womb was carried, whom they had laid daily at the temple which is called Beautiful,to ask alms from those who entered the temple.(NKJV)

Many times this man had been set down at the gate to ask for alms. But yet he always failed to get to his destination. What was different on this day where he press beyond that gate to get to his promised healing. Did he just decide that it was time to change his point of destination. Yes he did. 

Are you reaching you destination or are you still sitting at the gate as the lame man had done for years before reaching his destination. Our destination point is very important in our walk with God. If we sit in one place for to long we become stagnant and we slowly die. We must find it in ourselves and with the help of God to move from that location. We must reposition ourselves to receive our blessing or healing


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