House churches 

I know that there is a segment of the population that don’t believe in the house church movement. Some people even has called the movement unbiblical because it is part of the emergent church movement. But yet you find it throughout the book of Acts.There are so many benefits to the house church movement.One of the benefits is the congregation is smaller.Another benefit is that these people can connect in a organic way. Besides house churches are not built around a pastor has many of the mainline churches are the built upon elders and others. I believe the reason why so many people are against this movement is because they do not understand it. Or maybe it is because we have become so individualistic within the mainline church that we have forgotten how to connect with one another. House churches are nothing new they met in this manner in the book of Acts.


7 thoughts on “House churches 

  1. House churches are exactly the way people gathered together in fellowship in the first century. A building is not church. People gathered together in the name of Jesus is church. There are no rules or regulations around it: only honoring God and loving each other.

  2. For my understanding, a house church is just people meeting in someone’s home to talk about Jesus and all things concerning the Word of God?

  3. That’s partly true. Where I got most of this information was out of a book o just got finished reading called the house church book.

  4. Oh cool. Well, churches started in homes and evolved into what it is today. I think the decision should be left up to the individual, because some ‘formal’ churches have small congregations. So if persons choose to gather in a house to worship God then no one should condemn them for that. At the end of the day, it is the living God that they are worshiping.

  5. I agree. I would, however, add this: House churches are no less susceptible to the cult of personality. Great care must be taken to guard against that. The other danger w/ house churches is heresy. Paul, himself, struggled to combat heresy among the churches he had founded.

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