The vine of Love. 

John15:5 I am the vine you are the branches. When you are joined with me and I with you the relation intimate and organic the harvest is is sure to be abundant separated you can’t produce anything (message)

Some people try to equate this scripture to bringing a harvest and bringing in people. But I think we have missed one thing thing in this this scripture.  This verse really talks about relationship and love. If we do not not have  the love that Jesus has are we truly connected to the vine by this love. If our love doesn’t show our vines won grow. But in order for us to have that love we must stay connected to him. When we show love we show that we know him and are connected to him and we will bring in the harvest.


3 thoughts on “The vine of Love. 

  1. Beautiful April. I love that you are seeing with fresh eyes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful perspective on this scripture.

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