Prayer Stations 

The emerging church sets up prayer stations as part of there worship service. In each station they different objects do they can pray. In one station they may have incense, in another station statues and so on. By using these other elements they experience God. But does it really bring them closer to God.i understand that we must meditate on the things of God or are these things just distractions to lead them away from God. Most of these prayer stations are set up to appeal to the five senses. Is this truly a more complete way to worship God. Or are the young people of today being misled into believing that this is a correct way to worship. When we are praying we should be focused of hearing from God and not how we feel. 


7 thoughts on “Prayer Stations 

  1. John 4:23 “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him”. The truth is contained in the holy writ and without the backing of the Holy Spirit we worship in vain. The annoying thing is that lots of so called Church leaders are not even born again. No one can worship God with the aid of the senses, unless one wants to go Babylonian fetish mode of seeking the god of this world. The New Testament Church already smells sweet in God’s nostril, therefore the use of incense is to insult or pollute the sweet smell Jesus sprays on the Church. Amen.

  2. arm5 says:

    So true . And it is sad that so many people are being mislead by the emerging church

  3. God already outlawed incense and candles (Isaiah 1:13). In King James He called it an abomination! Any worship with these is indeed a slap in God’s face.

  4. Well, I think that there are many ways to pray, and that if one would like to light a candle and or some incense or put on some music, read scriptures quietly or read them out loud or not do any of these things and or do them all and more, it is merely a preference of the individual….why should it matter to anyone else. I believe that it is worse to mind other people’s business and not mind our own. Putting various stations up, sounds like a kind thing to do, preferring others over ones self, thinking of what might be comfortable to others. It’s unselfish, doesn’t sound misleading and if we are not careful, the judgmental attitudes that some of us display might stinketh in the nostrils of God more then a so called emerging church that at least are trying to please, and thinking of others. They might or might not be in truth, but I think Jesus died on the cross for sinners, and shines his light for all. That’s and attitude and a action of love at least from where I am standing. Am I better because I gave my life to God in 1984, and another comes to God in year 2017? <3

  5. So, those of us who know the truth must continue to be dutiful and pump up our voice. The good LORD expects us to live up to expectation.

  6. Just another satanic smooth feeling of separating oneself from God our Father and Jesus Christ our LORD and Saviour!

  7. wisdomdemandschange says:

    Seems like idolatry to me, to have such things in these so called prayer stations. As far as hearing God, I believe he can invoke certain emotions to help put some wind into your sails. Be careful with emotions though, they can be very misleading. :)

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