Don’t sell the truth

Pro23:23 but truth and do not sell it buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.  (Esv)

Have we sold the truth in order to gain happiness. Instead of true instruction and understanding we have settled for a half preached gospel that tickles our ears. In many churches we have sold truth at a high price . When you sell something at a high price you strip it of its innocence and that s what we have done with the gospel. We must use wisdom when we hear the gospel is being brought to us . The reason why there is such a lack of understanding about the bible today is because we don’t take time to study.  There are many other reasons why we have sold the truth. One is that we have become a nation of consumers and we take truth for granted. When we take things for granted we will eventually sale them ,


One thought on “Don’t sell the truth

  1. It is true. Our nation suffers from a consumer mentality. We have elevated demand above truth and so many times giving the people what they want is raised above giving the people what they need.

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