Wondering blindly.

Lam4:14 They wondered blindly through the streets they were so defiled with blood and no one was able to touch their garments.(esv)

Has the emerging church left this generation wondering blindly. If they are leading them blindly the blood will be left in their hands. I realize that this generation wants to rethink how church should be done. But has there pastors left them wondering through the streets . Yes in someways they have because they have misinterpreted the bible enough to give the gospel a new feel to it. When we begin to rethink things it can lead down a path that we weren’t suppose to go. 


10 thoughts on “Wondering blindly.

  1. Sometimes we have many questions which are not answered satisfactorily by “the establishment”, Then we go searching.

  2. Thank you for calling in.
    Ours is a new Home Church Type Community, we try to re-examine Scripture for the sake of the Marginalized among us whom the greater Church has alienated – one does need to be careful not to lose its original intention. The Gospel is Love yet it is the way we show God’s love that makes all the difference.

  3. Thank you for your input. And I agree with everything you have said. We should never change scripture from its original intention. God

  4. Everybody has an opinion and everybody thinks that only they know the truth. Sadly enough, if a person feels that they know the truth, they stop searching for God.

  5. Your thoughts have merit. As some have said, it is up to us to insure that we follow God’s word because as He says within it, “I am a lamp unto your feet.”

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