Keeping ideas alive. 

1john 1:5-9

Everyone has ideas. But great ideas can not be killed. People that have great ideas will succeed because they keep a hold of there idea. But on the flip side of things unsuccessful people will drown out there surrows because they have lost focus of there idea. When you are unsuccessful  you will stay in the past  and your idea will become stagnant. Gods ideas will never fail in our lives because he has place them there.  There will always be power because it is a visionary idea. There are three that bare witness in heaven.The three that bare witness in heaven are The father ,Son,and Holy Spirit. The father resides in heaven posses all knowledge, power, and sovereignty. The word is eternal .Which is Jesus and he came and dwelt among us. And the Holy Spirit resides in us.  The knowledge that he gives us is a transfer of ideas. When he transfers this to us he transfers his light upon us. Jesus is Gods idea transferred to us from heaven.


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