God’s Goverence

Isaiah9:6 John1:1 Matt7:24-27

Mind management is always going to be th key for the Christian  and also for living a healthy Christian walk. When we still live in our past experiences we are allowing the devil to control what information we receive. The devil keeps us in darkness with the wrong information. When we choose light we choose a new way to receive information. Then we have everything that we need to change our lives. We also have to let go of the thoughts that we have or we will begin to meditate on them. As we begin to get new information that we will bring us to faith and it will eventually  bring us to confession and then to salvation. We also need to know that when we enter a season we will eventually leave it. Also we need to be underneath a covering which is a pastor they take care of us and also keep us anchored.  The church will increase be full  if it is in light. 


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