First Things pt3

Luke 15:11

Death comes when we stay away from the house of God or that we don’t put him first. In this day and time many churches don’t talk about the requirements of God anymore. Instead they have taught grace to the point that they put much that’ve thrown the requirements of God out of the window. Grace can not trump Gods requirements because grace is given through following his requirements.  When we come in come into righteousness we have met God’S requirements. When we come to salvation we must not view it as a wage but as a gift. Because when we view it as a wage we put a price tag on it  in another words it can’t be earn when it is a given.  We also must see Gods statutes as keys to the kingdom  in order for us to operate in his kingdom. One of the reasons    We don’t see miracles is because they don’t preach it . God will never base his relationship off of our performance as the world does. We do not have to earn our righteousness  by doing things.  We can not be casual Christians if we want to be part of his kingdom.  The kingdom is how heaven operates . Don’t complain if you don’t use  the key that is in your hand. Besides if you don’t use that key  how can you receive your blessing. If you don’t use the key and in sin it can disrupt acces to the house.


10 thoughts on “First Things pt3

  1. Thanks for this write-up. Grace is one of the most misunderstood aspects of God. Though we do not earn Grace, yet obedience to God provokes it. Thanks one more time for this Truth.

  2. arm5 says:

    That is true. Grace is misunderstood because we have taken it out of context. If we follow Gods statues his grace will fall upon our lives.

  3. EMartinez says:

    This is a wonderful post! Many times individuals will preach topics that will fill seats rather than save souls. Grace, as the Apostle Paul teaches about in Romans is indeed what aids us in this walk of life due to us not being under the law. But, the word is the word and obedience will always result in the pleasing of God. Thank you for this thought provoking post.

    Peace and Blessings.


  4. arm5 says:

    So true. But also there are many preachers out there that misteaches the message of grace. Grace has to be taught properly.

  5. I have noticed the over use of grace as well. Grace does not give us the right to not worry about sin or not being serious about following Jesus. I think grace means we do everything we can do to be as Christ-like as we can, just because we love God and want to please us. It gets us nothing but that. All about Jesus, and nothing about us. Good teaching!

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