First things pt4


He set your whole life as  priority. We are saved  but you don’t have the kingdom . The kingdom is really about bringing heaven to earth. Righteousness is who we are and holy is what we become. There are many facets to the kingdom that we can get for ourselves when we truly understand how the kingdom works. The kingdom runs on an economy yhat we must follow.Prosperisty is everything that we need while we are here on earth .The message is real but the messages have misrepresented the truth. He has blessed us upon our calling . He is not going to deal with what they are doing but the attitude that is behind it. We also must value what he is doing at the time of the correction. God never wants an act from us he wants us to be true . Everybody should see that we serve a great God. Every country has a economy and so does the Kingdom of God . When Adam ate from the tree he forfeited Earth and therefore the devil became governor of the earth economy. When we give our firstfriuts we activate heaven. True fully our citizenship is in heaven and not here this earth. The only way to be accepted into the kingdom is to be born again . You will have rights and privileges to that country or in heaven. We are ambassadors in the kingdom of Heaven. They took Jesus to Pilate because he was claiming to be a King . The reason why this came about was because only a king can tax you . When Jesus askes is to tithe we should do it. We also should tithe to the church that church if we draw from its well and not put it somewhere else. When you don’t pay tithes you don’t have access to the Blessings  and other benefits.kingdom. You were never designed to live from paycheck to paycheck especially  in you are active in the kingdom. We were designed to live on Gods economic system.


8 thoughts on “First things pt4

  1. In which scripture does it say that if we dont tithe we dont go into the kingdom? Why do churches say that we must tithe but we need to do tdontdoShabbat and Torah?

  2. It’s interesting that the cost of turning from God, in Christian mythology, is the fact that Adam, representative of humanity, must now toil and labour for food. And this toil is still upon us, and we have the horrible irony that there is enough resources and food on this planet to feed everyone. I recall Merton describing an equity or “needs based” view of the apostolic community, where each receives material support according to his or her needs, rather than exaggerated desires or greed. I hope that turning back towards God puts this predicament in reverse, and the needs of those who are most impoverished become increasingly important and consummated with resources and the spirit of giving.

  3. while I agree because its in the old testament of tithing however once Jesus came a New Testament began and there is no mention of tithing in it. Yes you can be blessed by tithing (but now its a choice and not a law) even if you tithe today but in the old testament it was a law however in today testament (New Testament) it’s a choice and you can be blessed whether you choose to tithe or not to.

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