First Things pt 5

Matt 7:1-5  Romans14 Matt13 Matt20:1-15

He didn’t go to the cross for perfect people but for broken and hurting people. The church is not a museum for perfect saints but is a hospital for the hurting. We should never judge others without taking a look at our own lives . Because true fully we all are full time jobs . As Christians we must stop worrying about the the opinions of others. Because when we worry about the opinions of others we set our goals upon what they may think of us. We also have to be careful of how we how we judge others  because we may not have the right information  in order to understand the situation. Also when we judge others we really take it out of Gods hands and  we put it into our own hands. When a person gets offended  if he or she doesn’t get over it it will become part of them. Offense can rule a person and it can cause them to become angry. If they don’t let go of the offense they will eventually create there own storms and those storms will follow throughout their lives. We must accommodate a new Christian  while they are changing and where they are in there walk. We must accept them in there humanity for whatever reason and help them in there walk. He put deposits in the earth for us. When he finds valuable they will always be found be dirty.  We must enter into every relationship  as a treasure hunter so we can draw out the treasure of another person. God didn’t give our gifts to us but they were for others to draw upon.  We also think that our good behavior puts us in a better place with God.  Moral authority is the greater authority. The filth of the flesh is our behavior. It has to do with our conduct and it also has to do with our attitude.


18 thoughts on “First Things pt 5

  1. Godsfruitful says:

    Amen! Thanks for the reminder. It’s hard sometimes for us not to judge.🤐 We need to do our best every day in remembering that there is ONLY ONE JUDGE and it is GOD and He makes His plans for us all as well as the discipline for each one us😰
    Let’s do our best to represent Him daily👍🏻🎈Great post!

  2. The word cross was introduced by the heathen roman catholics in 400AD. was executed on a etz (Tree,YAHU stake, gallows) (hebrew) or Stauroxecutiin stake,Executiinupright, tree) (greek) The Messiah confirms in Luke 23:31 that its a living tree. The word christian comes from the heathen gods name christos which means the annointed one. Also introduced over 200AD The word god comes from the heathen god name gawd which means god of fortune. I would do more research if I were you before you start spreading these lies.

  3. arm5 says:

    Thanks for your comments. But you can try to discount the bible all that you want but you won’t change my mind. And I will not debate with you on anything. So in another words you are barking up the wrong tree.

  4. I’m just trying to help you. Surely if heathen translators write something completely different to the original Scrptures then you should not use it. King james was a sodomiser and satanist and his perverted bible has over 14 800 changes to the original scriptures!!!!!

  5. arm5 says:

    Please leave me alone am I harassing you on your blog. As I have already said you will not change my mind . Please go away

  6. arm5 says:

    Please you don’t really know me you are making assumptions on the translations of the bible that I do read.

  7. If we are supposed to HELP each other to teach the Truth then how can you turn that into the darkness of HARRASSMENT????? We are told to correct, rebuke and edify with the WORD. You need to check your facts about your bibles. I have an found it to be heathen perverted. Did you go and look at Luke 23:31. The Hebrew word is etz and the greek word is staurous which means He was executed on the execution stake that was a living tree. So where does the word cross come into it??? The word cross is the heathen symbol for the heathen god tammuz/tau. Which means that you’re calling out the name of a heathen god when you say cross. If you continue to spread these lies then you believe the lie of satan.

  8. arm5 says:

    You call me a heathen all that you want for my belief system . You are actually nitpicking to begin you are picking out certain. Statements that I have made . So please stop nitpicking.

  9. YAHUSHA came to save the lost house of YAHisrael who are the christians of today. YAHUSHA called out and set them apart, those that have the ears to hear Him. One of the main signs of His Messianic Believers is that they DO the Torah and that one sign is that they do SHabbat on the 7th day.

  10. arm5 says:

    Please could never comment on this bloa again. Am I trying to debate with you on your beliefs .

  11. Eloheinu Ministry, unfortunately you sound like you are coming from your big ego and not from the heart….even if you were scriptually sound, who would want to be friends or follow someone like that? Just sayin’. You have truth and gag the people, and or you can have truth and serve the people.

  12. It does not matter how I say what I say it’s the persons heart that will accept the Truth or attack the messenger. YAHUSHA said to someone that wanted to follow Him “Let the dead bury the dead.” When the person wanted to bury his gather. Someone like you would not see the importance, truth and seriousness of what he said because you’ll label YAHUSHA as arrogant and would not want to be His friend. Sort your heart out.

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